Dr Lee Boon Leong


Dr Lee is an esteemed medical professional with a distinguished career spanning decades. His extensive qualifications include Membership of the Royal College of Physicians (MRCP), Fellowship of the Academy of Medicine (FAM), Fellowship of the National Heart Association of Malaysia (FNHAM), and Fellowship of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (FASc).

Dr Lee's interests encompass internal medicine, cardiology, intensive care, hypertension, diabetes, sleep medicine, renal dialysis, and more.

With over 40 years of professional practice, Dr Lee has had a remarkable journey:

·       As a consultant state physician, he introduced CPR training, exercise stress testing, and echocardiography, along with community initiatives like diabetes education and senior citizens associations.

·       He pursued a cardiology fellowship in Melbourne, enhancing his expertise.

·       He later played a pivotal role in starting open-heart surgery, established cardiac catheterisation laboratories, and introduced stress echocardiography in Malaysia.

Dr Lee's awards, memberships in prestigious medical bodies like the Royal College of Physicians, and numerous presentations and publications testify to his remarkable career and contributions to healthcare.

Dr Lee Boon's dedication to patient care and his pioneering efforts in medical technology and education have made him a notable figure in the medical field. His contributions have significantly impacted the advancement of healthcare in Malaysia.