About UCSI Hospital

UCSI Hospital was launched in March 2021 as a 130-bed facility that will eventually maximise its capacity at 1,000 beds.

UCSI Hospital is the only private hospital in Malaysia with a public wing, enhancing access to quality health care.

UCSI Hospital is a tertiary medical care hospital that will advance health care and medical science with some of the world’s best universities.


To be a leading tertiary care hospital in Malaysia for all our stakeholders, standing out as a great place to receive care and a great place to work in health care.


  • Heal the sick and provide excellent health care solutions
  • Provide high quality patient care through integrated clinical practice
  • Improve the health of local and international communities
  • Advance medical science through research and education


  • Advance health care through treatment, research and public awareness.
  • Be a health care partner to patients, providing treatments across each stage of life.
  • Enhance the patient and caregiver experience through a medical care that inculcates AI and digital platforms.
  • Invest in our medical care givers to stand out as an ideal place to work in health care.

Objectives and key result areas (OKR)

To realise the potential of UCSI Hospital, we have outlined a number of objectives to determine what we must focus on, as well as key result areas that determine measurable benchmarks, we must achieve to ensure our goals are met.


Key results

Raise public confidence and interest

Record a 20% year-on-year rise in inpatient and outpatient admissions till 2026.

Provide high-quality treatment

Consistently achieve an average mortality ratio below 0.4 (observed and expected).

Deliver the ideal patient experience

Consistently achieve a 90% satisfaction rating from patients.

Improve health care through digital platforms and automation

Develop AI-powered data analysis, diagnosis and patient monitoring, virtual visits and virtual care. Automated dispensing systems will also be implemented.

Advance medical care and health care research

Ensure medical care staff and professors are constantly at the forefront of their respective fields.

Facilitate medical tourism

Record a 15% year-on-year growth in medical tourist traffic once the pandemic is under control.


UCSI Hospital will offer health care solutions from the following departments in 2021 and 2022. More department and services will be added in the near future as the hospital scales progressively in providing a revolutionary health care and excellent medical care.


Hospitals of the future must stand out for their information technological capabilities. In this regard, UCSI Hospital will invest in advanced health IT systems to empower its stakeholders. This goes far beyond virtual appointments or electronic medical records. Rather, it’s how we interpret and correlate the data we possess to arrive at smarter health care solutions.

  1. Patient data and details of their complications are collected.

  2. The data is tracked and monitored constantly in line with their treatments.

  3. Doctors evaluate the data to determine which treatments work better and what procedures are unnecessary.

  4. No duplication of tests is needed as all data is available online.

  5. A robust online system allows patients to coordinate with doctors and nurses.

  6. Doctors and patients manage chronic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes better.

The system we are investing in will have a far-reaching impact on the ways we handle - and think of - health care. From cost control to greater efficiency to preventive care, the benefits are evident. This is how we will make a difference. This is smarter health care.

  1. Lower costs
    We believe that effective health care results in lower, not higher, expenses with the minimisation of errors that could cost money and lives.
  2. Greater efficiency
    With a robust IT system that compiles electronic medical records, patients and doctors don’t have to fill up the same form or duplicate tests constantly. Caregivers can then focus on treating patients.
  3. Automated systems
    With automated dispensing cabinets and machines, we eliminate the risk of human error. Drugs can be stored and dispensed near the point of care, and we can control and track the distribution.
  4. Early treatment and preventive care
    Constant feedback will enable doctors and patients to detect complications much earlier than they would normally do. Mammograms and physicals can be scheduled quickly to avoid more expensive and invasive treatments later.


UCSI Hospital is the crown jewel of the UCSI Health Metropolis - a mega project that is designed to turn the township of Springhill into a vibrant hub of health care, education and innovation.

Once completed, the Metropolis will include a luxury hotel, a convention centre, a lifestyle shopping mall, a skin science and aesthetics experience centre, sports facilities, retirement homes, praxis® labs and a new UCSI University campus. These upcoming additions will complement UCSI International School and Sri UCSI private school that are already operational in the area.

More infrastructure projects will be added to the 160-acre site and with this in mind, the transformation of Springhill is well and truly underway. This massive undertaking reflects UCSI Group’s commitment to transform lives and empower communities through its day-to-day operations. We have transformed the suburb of Cheras. We will now do the same for Springhill.


Medical research will be another hallmark of UCSI Hospital. Hospital specialists and faculty members from UCSI University’s Faculty of Medical will work together on pertinent projects that involve real-time big data analysis, medical expertise and scientific innovation.Joint research will also be conducted with some of the world’s most renowned universities.

We are confident that the ecosystem of health care, education and innovation at the UCSI Health Metropolis will facilitate scientific breakthroughs that bring manifold benefits to the global community.

Some notable endeavours are:

Precision medicine
UCSI Hospital is in talks to establish an Innovative Centre for Precision Medicine with one of the US’ best universities. By accounting for individual variability in genes, precision medicine has the potential to transform how cancer and genetic diseases are detected early, treated and potentially cured.

Haze and human health
Haze is a perennial problem in Malaysia. While this is undesirable, it also makes the nation an ideal staging ground for medical studies that seek to determine the detailed effects of haze particles on the human body. Joint research plans on this phenomenon currently involve a number of leading British universities.

Epidemiologic Transition
Epidemiologic transition studies the distribution of disease and death, along with their determinants and consequences in population groups. UCSI Hospital plans on advancing the reservoir of knowledge in this field by conducting in-depth research on the epidemiologic transition in low and middle-income nations, identifying the patterns of health and diseases to refine predictions of population change.