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2021 is certainly a landmark year for UCSI Hospital. We opened our doors in March, ushering in a new and exciting chapter, not only for UCSI Group, but for the communities of Springhill and Negeri Sembilan.

Launched as a 130-bed healthcare institution, UCSI Hospital strives to be a hospital with a difference. We want to stand out, not only as a great place to receive care, but also as a great place to work in healthcare. The Hospital will expand progressively over time to accommodate higher patient volumes, eventually maximising its capacity at 1,000 beds. The Hospital’s organic growth will also see it developing and pioneering services in new medical fields.

UCSI Hospital is the crown jewel of the UCSI Health Metropolis - a dedicated hub of healthcare, education and innovation. In this light, the Hospital will provide healthcare solutions that Malaysians often travel abroad for. While this will boost medical tourism in Negeri Sembilan, we are also here to complement the existing health infrastructure in the state. We are the only private hospital in Malaysia to open a public wing and this dovetails well with our efforts to decongest overcrowded state hospitals and enhance public access to sustainable, high-quality healthcare.

Launching the hospital in the middle of a global pandemic was challenging. However, it taught us some valuable lessons on the ways healthcare must evolve. To meet present and future challenges, UCSI Hospital will invest significantly in AI and health information technology systems. Investing in the future will empower our patients and doctors with AI-powered solutions like 24-7 electronic medical record access, virtual appointments and online health management tools that predict and track patient progress.

These initiatives will go hand-in-hand with a strong culture of innovation at UCSI Hospital that sees it partnering with renowned international partners to advance medical science and research. Ultimately, our aim is to make UCSI Hospital a sustainable hub of world-class healthcare. And with your support, we will achieve this.


Dato’ Peter Ng


UCSI Hospital