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UCSI Hospital Welcomes Its First Baby / UCSI医院迎来第一个新生婴儿!

"This is a special moment for the hospital and me. It is an honour for us to be able to serve the community within a few days of our opening." - Dr Victor Chin.

On March 25 2021, UCSI Hospital open its doors for business. Six days later, on April 1, UCSI Hospital welcomed the hospital's first newborn baby, the birth of a new life like the sunrise, but also make this new hospital more vibrant!

UCSI Hospital gynaecologist Dr Victor Chin shared his delight over the news.

"This is a special moment for the hospital and me. It is an honour for us to be able to serve the community within a few days of our opening." He said.

Having served in various hospitals in Australia and Malaysia since 2013, Dr Victor Chin brought his wealth of experience to UCSI Hospital's Obstetrics and Gynaecology unit.

On the delivery of the baby at UCSI Hospital, he shared that the mother had decided to deliver at the hospital because her blood pressure was high, and her amniotic fluid was low.

"The baby was due over five days ago, which is a worrying situation. As such, I decided that the baby needs to delivered immediately." He added.

Naturally, the lady and her family were concerned about the hospital's staff and equipment since it started operating just a few days ago. However, she heeded Dr Victor Chin's advice and admitted herself to the maternity ward.

"Both the mother and I hoped for a natural delivery. Yet, as a gynaecologist, I need to be wary of the circumstances that may change. And due to some complication, I decided to perform a caesarean delivery to ensure the safety of both mother and child." He concurred.

"On that day, the 13 of us, comprising nine nurses and four doctors, were delighted to welcome UCSI Hospital's first baby. I want to thank the team for assisting me with the operation, especially our anaesthetist Dr Sham Kumar and our paediatrician Dr Long Wai Lup. The baby was born at 1:47 am, and Dr Long was on standby at the hospital to perform the follow-up examination and cleaning for the baby in time to ensure that the baby received the best care." He concluded.


负责接生的妇产科专科医生郑建源(Victor Chin)说,这是一个很特别、也很荣幸的经验。我为UCSI医院在开张后的几天内,就能迅速地为当地的居民提供医疗服务感到骄傲。











"我也要感谢医疗团队在这次手术上的配搭,尤其是儿科医生龙伟立(Long Wai Lup)和麻醉科的Sham Kumar医生。 宝宝出生时是凌晨1点47分,而龙医生就在医院待命,及时接手为宝宝处理后续的检查及清洁,确保宝宝得到最好的照顾。"


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